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Fishing as Fodder for Fiction

two fishing poles

Okay, I admit it. I tried for an alliterated title without regard to its sensibility or appropriateness. However, as a fan of fishing, I can verify that the time spent relaxing with a fishing pole in hand is not wasted time. I love catching the fish for certain, but I also love that still quiet of the lake and that peaceful feeling of settling in for a few hours of fishing. Between baiting the hooks and casting the lines, there is a lot of time for rumination. Plenty of time to think over book ideas, plots and story lines, character development, or to just let the old imagination ramble where it wants. Just remember to put those ideas on paper at the first opportunity.

I started fishing mainly to try and catch my dinner. I have learned a lot since then. Sometimes I fish just for the thrill of catching something. Other times I fish to eat my catch, but these are the smaller fish. Recently, I fished to bring in a big one, one too big and magnificent to eat. I landed a 17 pound catfish and it was exciting. He was a handsome fish who reluctantly posed for photos before swimming away into the murky depths once again.

While waiting for a bite, I thought about my writing in general and our books in specific. Not only was it enjoyable, but I believe it was helpful. It was a nice break and left me recharged for more hours at the keyboard. For those of you who like to combine writing with fishing, here is an excellent online home for you to tell your fish stories, ask questions, get advice, or just hang out with likeminded souls:


Forum:  http://forum.catfishcorneronline.com/simplemachinesforum/



The Pitfalls of Self-Publishing

old typewriter by Petr Kratochvil
Writers want to write, right? If you are self-published, however, you must become your own editor, agent, publisher, marketing expert and sales manager. From what I've read, things have changed a lot in the publishing field even for authors who are represented by traditional publishers. Now more than ever, the author is expected to actively participate in the promotion of his or her book. But, without a doubt, the self-published author faces a daunting task. All of this activity can leave little time for actual writing.
While self-publishing for me remains an alternative to merely be considered at this point, it is sobering to realize just how much time can be used up in the promotion of a book. Time that I would rather spend writing.
When the time comes to make a choice about self-publishing, it will not be an easy decision. It will require an enormous commitment.


Typewriter Photo by Petr Kratochvil


No genre is safe!

Science fiction, romantic suspense, thrillers, contemporary fiction, horror, speculative literature or even comedy. No genre is exempt from our ambitions!


Should I Self-Publish?


books     Well, that is the question for authors just starting out and even some who are well-established. It’s something my co-author and I are mulling over. There are some who say that self-publishing will kill your career before it even gets started.

 There are many wonderful articles and resources for the author considering self-publishing. Here are a few:

David Carnoy http://reviews.cnet.com/self-publishing/

Dan Poynter http://www.parapublishing.com/sites/para/

Rachelle Gardner http://cba-ramblings.blogspot.com/2010/03/think-hard-before-self-publishing.html

One thing many writers, myself included, find frustrating is that so many mainstream publishers are associated under one huge umbrella. You may believe you are submitting your manuscript to a different publisher only to find out they are an imprint of a huge conglomerate. It feels sometimes like the big traditional publishers have the market completely sewn up.

Ultimately, the writer will have to decide. With print-on-demand, it’s easier than ever to self-publish. But is it true what some people claim? Does the self-published author harm his or her credibility by avoiding the traditional route? Are you brave enough to find out?



Why Blog?

Why blog, my venerated co-author asked me recently. I hem hawed. I dithered. I obfuscated. Then finally, with great conviction, I replied, “I don’t know.” I have since researched the phenomenon of blogging. It sounds like something you might experience after a night of heavy drinking and unwise food choices. It also sounds like the noise one might make while enduring the aforementioned experience. But, while the word ‘blog’ is an unattractive word that calls up disturbing images, the truth is nowhere near as disgusting as one might imagine. It turns out that the term is short for ‘web log’, according to many knowledgeable sources. I am sure they are bloggers themselves, and therefore experts.

 So we now have a blog to go along with our author website: wodke-hawkinson.com

Welcome to our blog!