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Authors Den Book Factory – a New Alternative for Self-Published Authors

Authors Den recently announced a new publishing venue for the self-published author. BookFactory offers authors a way to publish their books and garner more of the sales income for themselves. According to Authors Den, this new program allows the writer to keep all the money from book sales, minus the printing costs only. Not only is this site competitive with publishers like lulu.com and amazon.com, but it purports to have a much better profit margin for writers.

Besides offering a self-publishing program, Authors Den also features a bookstore where writers can market their books. I recently ordered a book from them because I want to see for myself the quality of the finished product. I would encourage all lovers of literature to check out self-published authors. It's a rapidly blossoming market with much to offer to readers.


The Pitfalls of Self-Publishing

old typewriter by Petr Kratochvil
Writers want to write, right? If you are self-published, however, you must become your own editor, agent, publisher, marketing expert and sales manager. From what I've read, things have changed a lot in the publishing field even for authors who are represented by traditional publishers. Now more than ever, the author is expected to actively participate in the promotion of his or her book. But, without a doubt, the self-published author faces a daunting task. All of this activity can leave little time for actual writing.
While self-publishing for me remains an alternative to merely be considered at this point, it is sobering to realize just how much time can be used up in the promotion of a book. Time that I would rather spend writing.
When the time comes to make a choice about self-publishing, it will not be an easy decision. It will require an enormous commitment.


Typewriter Photo by Petr Kratochvil