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Man Marries Giant Crawdad

giant crawdad


This report just in from our correspondent, Diss N. Genuous:

Barney Frankfurter, a California fisherman, met his bride when she took a hook for him on a hot summer evening two short months ago. It was love at first sight. The couple was united yesterday in a civil ceremony on the pier before a small group of well-wishers and inebriated dock workers. They will honeymoon on Gilligan’s Island and then settle into domestic bliss on Barney’s houseboat. Only one awkward moment marred the happy occasion; when the bride discovered shrimp on the menu at the reception. After a brief argument, the offending dish was replaced with plankton and the celebration continued. The Frankfurters are registered at Sea World, Long John Silver’s, and Bass Pro Shops. Their needs include towel sets, aquarium supplies, and fish food.