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Announcing Changes In Betrayed, the novel by Wodke Hawkinson

After we published our novel Betrayed, a reader inspired us to write an alternate ending. We started at Chapter 49 and took the story in an entirely different direction. This extra release was titled Betrayed - Alternate Ending. After some time had passed, we then decided we should put together a book with both the original story and the alternate ending in one publication. This we called Betrayed Includes Alternate Ending. So, we had three books with Betrayed in the title. Very confusing.

We’ve now decided to do away with the second two versions and simply add the alternate ending into the original novel. So, very soon, Betrayed by Wodke Hawkinson will contain the original book along with the alternate ending as bonus material, and the other two will go away. We think this will be a boon for our readers, and it should eliminate confusion.

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