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New Release & Cover Reveal: SUE, a sequel to ZEKE by @WodkeHawkinson


New Release & Cover Reveal: SUE, a sequel to ZEKE by @WodkeHawkinson

We hadn’t originally planned to do a sequel to our novel, Zeke. However, the response we received from a number of readers indicated that a sequel was in order. And we, too, wondered how Sue would recover from the damage Zeke inflicted upon her, both physically and emotionally. So, we set to work writing the aftermath of her ordeal with Zeke. It was a good experience for us. When writing Zeke, we disliked his character so much, we often procrastinated working on the book. We did not have this  roblem with Sue.

We wrote Sue with a goal in mind: that anyone could enjoy it, even if they hadn’t read Zeke beforehand. With that in mind, we infused the book with enough information from the original novel to make the story understandable, without going overboard
and telling the story of Zeke twice. We hope we succeeded in that regard.

For readers who have not read Zeke, it is a dark novel of sexual obsession and psychological suspense. Sue falls for Zeke, leaves town with him, and soon discovers just how demented he is. By the time she realizes her danger, she is far from home and in deep trouble, for he has no intention of letting her go.

For readers who found Zeke impossible to finish due to its graphic nature, rest assured Sue is a much gentler read. The book follows Sue through her emotional confusion, fear, fantasies of revenge, and eventual healing as she struggles to put her life back
together. Nearly a year after her disastrous road trip with Zeke, things are finally looking up and it seems her worst troubles are behind her.

But, Zeke is still out there and he hasn’t forgotten his little bunny.

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Coming soon to paperback!

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