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Tangerine—Here at Last


Announcing the Release of Tangerine

Tangerine has now been released by our publisher in digital form on Smashwords. The paperback version is coming soon, possibly by next spring or summer. The book has undergone revision and is now ready for readers.

Tangerine is quite different from our other two novels, Betrayed and Zeke. It was actually our first co-written work. We pitched it to publishers and waited. Nothing happened.

After positive experiences with self-publishing our other books, we decided to self-publish Tangerine as well. Very soon after that, a publisher to whom we had originally pitched
the manuscript contacted us with an offer. We accepted that offer and yanked Tangerine from all venues. Now, after having undergone a rewrite, our first novel is once again on the market.

We were conflicted about labeling Tangerine a science fiction novel, for it is not hard sci-fi. But it does have certain elements in common with that genre. It’s set in a future where space travel is commonplace and aliens are a natural part of everyday life. Some of the action takes place on Earth, but a lot happens on the beautiful orange planet of Tangerine or on its primary moon.

In Tangerine, Dr. Ava Majestic and her companion, Pisk (a feline-like alien), travel through space analyzing planets for possible colonization, a position Ava accepts after the death of her parents. She inherits from her father a mysterious device with unusual capabilities. This attracts the attention of a wealthy and powerful collector, the unscrupulous Augustus Agnotico. Before Ava is even certain of her legacy, Agnotico begins his pursuit of her. He hires a rogue Finder to tail her through space, hoping she will lead him to where the device is hidden.

We hope you will enjoy our newly released but first-written book, Tangerine.

At this time, Tangerine can be purchased here

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