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It Was There All Along–Hutchinson Kansas


Upon arrival at the McCarren Airport, in Las Vegas, my husband and I were speaking to another couple as we off-boarded into the terminal. When they learned we were from Hutchinson, Kansas, they said they knew something about Hutchinson but couldn’t remember what. My husband and I exchanged puzzled looks, what could they be talking about? We couldn’t think of a single thing that would attract people to our home town.

Soon after parting ways from the unknown couple, we suddenly remembered Fun Valley Sports Complex and the Kansas State Fairgrounds. Then, we remembered the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, and the Kansas Underground Salt Mine.

Fun Valley is a baseball and softball facility for youth and adult teams. The complex hosts numerous national and state events and is known nationwide as "America's Tournament Headquarters." To learn more about this complex visit: http://www.funvalleysports.com/contact_us.shtml

It’s a Wild Ride Baby. The Kansas State Fair held in Hutchinson, Kansas, each year draws visitors from around the state and further. Offering exhibits, shows, animals, games, and rides galore, the fair has something for everyone. At other times of the year the fairgrounds hosts rodeos, horse and dog shows, and races, among many other events. Visit http://www.kansasstatefair.com/index.php for more information.

The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center is Out of this World and right in the heart of Hutchinson. The Cosmosphere displays space artifact collections which includes Russian space artifacts. You can visit the museum, the IMAX theatre, or the Justice Planetarium. Be sure to visit http://www.cosmo.org/vi_at_justice.htm for more information on this exciting and educational institution.

Kansas Underground Salt Mines visit begins with a trip down an elevator in total darkness, 650 feet down, where you enter a climate that remains at 68 degrees year round. Here visitors begin a tour of the salt mine and learn its history. The mine uses its hundred of mined out acres to store, and display items in the museum, from Hollywood movies and costumes to the world’s oldest living organism. Visit http://www.undergroundmuseum.org/ to learn more.

Everyone should be aware of what is offered and take advantage of the wonderful attractions that are in our own backyard. For a few more attractions in Hutchinson, visit: http://www.hutchchamber.com/visithutch/page.php?cid=114&id=117


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