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Hard or Soft?


Many readers have a strong preference for one type of cover or another. I personally prefer soft cover books since I like to read in bed and they are easier to hold and lighter weight. But I do recognize the advantages of a hardcover book. For one thing, they tend to hold up to wear and tear better. They convey a sense of greater worth. And they can be useful for purposes other than reading such as holding your paper while you write or leveling a sofa that has lost one of its legs. (I would never do this to a book. I just put it out there as a possibility.)

books old     Older hard cover books actually make useful décor accessories. They have a special character that adds a design element. Let’s face it; they look nice on a shelf or in a casual pile atop an aged trunk. Plus, hard cover books are a more permanent investment.

 But paperback books are generally lighter, easier to manage, and more portable. They are also more affordable. Of course, they are beat in each of these categories by e-books, if you don't count the initial outlay for the electronic reader. 

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 Authors and publishers are aware that paperbacks are less costly to produce. Self-published writers in particular must take this into account.

Often a book will be released in both hardcover and soft cover forms, as well as electronically.

 What is your preference? Hardcover, soft cover or e-books?


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