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Marry Me

by PJ Hawkinson

“Marry me!” These are the words most women long to hear from the lips of her loved one.

After the cherished words comes the wedding planning. However, it seems to me that weddings are trending to competitive instead of romantic. Too garish, showy, and kitschy, instead of elegant, classy, and refined.

The ultra-wealthy have begun to make a mockery of sharing marriage vows. It has became a contest of who can invite more people, have better entertainment, and spend the most on their wedding gown.

Weddings should be intimate affairs to celebrate the next stage of your life. Family, loved ones and close friends should fill the seats and share the moment with the couple.

I say, let’s bring weddings back to their true form and forget the glitter, glamor, and glitz. Let’s lose all the excess and let the loving spirit of the ceremony shine through.

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  1. I was a bridesmaid at a wedding that almost didn’t take place due to a paperwork issue. After that, I say if the wedding can be performed, it was a good wedding. The rest is gravy.

  2. Monica,
    That sounds like it would make an interesting story. Stay tuned. You never know. You may have just given us an idea. lol
    Karen and PJ

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