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Possible Censure for Rangel…So Harsh!

Filed by freelance journalist, Mekes U. Sik

academic,boys,chairs,depression,doors,emotions,feelings,hallways,males,moods,people,persons,principal's office,reprimands,students,troubles  Rep. Charles Rangel, Democrat from New York, was convicted on 11 of 13 charges against him. The ethics committee recommended censure. According to the AP, censure would consist of Mr. Rangel standing before his colleagues and receiving an oral rebuke.

Other disciplinary actions being considered are:

 Hand smacking: Mr. Rangel would receive several sharp raps on the back of his hand.

 Time out: Mr. Rangel would be forced to sit in another room for an unspecified amount of time and reflect on what he did wrong.

 Writing on the board: Mr. Rangel would be required to write 100 times on a chalkboard that he will not commit ethics violations again.

 Loss of privileges: Mr. Rangel will not be allowed to play video games or watch his favorite TV shows for a specified period of time.

 Going to bed without supper: Mr. Rangel would be sent to bed one night without having his evening meal. He would also forego any bedtime snacks.

 Chores: Mr. Rangel would be required to wash dishes and carry out the garbage for one week, or until he learns his lesson, whichever comes first.

 Each of these penalties is severe by Washington standards. A lighter punishment could have been recommended such as a reprimand or a fine, but it is obvious Mr. Rangel is having the book thrown at him. There has even been talk of sitting him in the corner or allowing the former house speaker to administer swats to his bottom with a wooden paddle on C-Span.

In an unrelated story, Mr. Clive Klodpiper failed to report rental income of $100 on his 2008 taxes. The IRS has levied his farm, seized his vehicles and private property, and confiscated his bank accounts. He has been sentenced to 20 years in prison and ordered to donate a kidney to an unnamed justice department official. His passport has been rendered invalid, his 30 year marriage to Hortence has been annulled against his wishes, and his vehicles sold for revenue to be applied to his tax debt. When he has served his prison sentence, he will be required to register as a tax offender. He will also be subject to fines and penalties in excess of $700,000,000.

 But, at least he won’t be censured. He really lucked out.

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