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Amazing New Weight Loss Breakthrough

dragon on fingertipsPeople strive to lose weight; they go on diets, they exercise, they count calories. Amazing news has just been released on a drug that reduces and stunts weight gain?

Scientists took a healthy, twenty-foot long dragon and injected the initial dose of Gonnalos Aton, the new weight loss drug of the century, or perhaps of a lifetime. They were astonished by the effects the drug had on this reptilian creature.

As can be seen from the photo above, the once magnificent Flingorian Dragon has been reduced to a mere inches from the tip of its nose to the point of its tail. The FDA has not approved the drug for human use at this time; stating, ‘Further research is necessary in order to prevent drastic weight losses.

An unforeseen and unfortunate side affect for the dragon must also be reported; its once glittering scales have withered, giving the animal the appearance of extreme age even though the dragon is still in its youth. A second side affect appears to be the unavoidable exhalation of smoke from the mouth and nostrils.

For those of use wanting, or needing, to lose weight, we now have something for which to look forward. Line up to get your first injection the when the drug hits the pharmacies. But beware; you may end up adorning somebody’s fingertips, like this shrunken example of a once majestic dragon.

-Freelance reporter | Ridy Culous | 3:00 p.m. ET |-pj

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