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Line-spacing on a blog


Being new to blogging I have a lot to learn. The first lesson came last night when I attempted to add a new post to the blog my co-author had designed for us. I tried for several hours to get this done. Actually adding the post was simple; the problem came when I'd go to view it on our blog. Oh, when I previewed the change, everything was fine and dandy; there was my post, pretty as can be. So, I'd go and open the blog from our website (http://wodke-hawkinson.com ) and my post would be gone. POOF! I finally gave up, aggravated, and went to bed; it was 1:30 in the morning.

This morning, Karen found the problem. When we were attempting to first set the blog up we were having difficulties. As it turned out we had created two blogs, 1 & 2. Now we are back to one but I have stumbled on a new problem---line spacing.

I added a new page to our blog site; Flash Fiction and Poetry. Then, I copied and pasted a poem that is supposed to resemble a dress on the left side. Fine? No, not so fine! My original poem has single spacing with no space above or below the lines but when I pasted the poem it has at least double spacing. I have found no way to correct this issue and have a very long red dress for a poem. If anyone knows how to keep this from happening I would love to hear from them.            


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